From Vent to Diaphragmatic Pacing System — Part IV

For more on my pursuit of the NeuRx Diaphragm Pacing System (DPS) see Part I, II, or III.

Finally a Surgery Date!

Barring something unfortunate, I should have my two outpatient surgeries on February 2nd, 2011, at Orlando Regional Medical Center.  In one trip to the operating room (for me) I’ll have my cardiac pacemaker replaced and also the Diaphragm Pacing System (DPS) installed.

I met the two doctors who will perform my surgeries and also learned more about what they will actually do.

First, Dr. Duran will replace my cardiac pacemaker.  Second, Dr. Cheatham will install the DPS.  Then Dr. Duran will return, and they will ensure there’s no interference between the two devices (no previous patient has had interference).  Both doctors will try to set the respective devices optimally for me (they can adjust the stimulus strength, frequency, etc).

Also, we’re going to try doing it as true outpatient, i.e. have surgery early in the morning, and (hopefully) be discharged that afternoon.  That’s BIG, because it should help limit my chance of acquiring an infection, and the schedules for my caregivers and me will require little altering.  My home health agency will help get my blood back to a therapeutic level.

I plan to write a comprehensive post-surgery evaluation of the DPS and my experiences probably in late March, after I’ve had some adjustment time.

Thanks and God bless!

Bill Miller :-)
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I started this blog to highlight how wheelchair users, especially power wheelchair users, are being empowered through sport, in particular: dynamic wheelchair bowling. It's actually bowling that emulates the able-bodied bowling process, i.e. setup, then physically approach and release the ball upon stopping short of the foul line. I happen to be paralyzed from my neck down, and ventilator-dependent, yet I've actually bowled 24 legitimate games of 200 or better. I say that NOT to brag, but to show what is possible and make the point that ANY wheelchair user who can safely operate their chair, they can bowl (I helped invent a device that makes it possible). Please look around and feel free to ask any questions! Thanks and God bless!
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